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Edwings the best Study abroad consultants in Kerala, Kochi

Established in 2014, Edwings Overseas Educational Consultants Pvt. Ltd. is the most trusted study abroad consultants in Kerala that has helped 10000s of students pursue their dream career abroad. We understand how big a decision students make when they decide to move abroad to pursue their dream career. The stakes are high and the ambition is even higher. This is why our study abroad consultants in Kochi actively help students along their study abroad journey starting from guiding students to find the right course to choosing the perfect university and completing their visa documentation.

The study abroad experts at Edwings are motivated by a genuine desire to make foriegn education available to students from all walks of life. Over the years, we have adopted a student-centric policy that places the best interests and personal needs of students at heart. Our flawless track record and reputation in the study abroad industry has turned us into the most sought-after educational consultants in the country. We owe our success rate to the sheer professional commitment of our closely-knit group of education experts.

Having tie up with over 707 universities across the globe, you can trust our education consultants to make sure that your study abroad experience remains stress-free without any cause for worry. Such is the magnitude of our contribution to the study abroad sector, we’re regarded as the best study abroad consultants in Kerala with active ever-growing operations in various countries including, Australia, Canada, Germany , Ireland, Italy, New zealand and USA. As students navigate uncharted territories of international education, our consultants will aid at every stage of IELTs test preparation to university enrolment process and travel formalities.

Why Trust Our Study Abroad Consultants In Kochi?

Our Study abroad consultants in Kochi have the unique distinction of offering in a single place the whole range of study abroad services necessary to help students realize their international dreams. From professional career guidance to university selection and post arrival assistance, we assist students all along the way.


Overseas education counseling

Equipped with the most distinguished study abroad consultants in Kerala, we prepare students for the challenges of overseas education. From securing their admission in the best universities to finding desired jobs, our experts will help you with it all.


Country course and university selection

We know how important it is to choose the right country and course to study abroad. Our tie up with prominent colleges allows us to secure the best university our students deserve. We help you take the right career path in accordance with your academic aptitude, aspirations and personal goals.

Application and Admission

By offering personalized attention to each student’s unique needs, our consultants offer the full range of guidance in all stages including, application, admission and registration. We meticulously verify your documents to remove any hurdles in the documentation process.

Visa Processing

Our study abroad consultants in Kochi go that extra mile to streamline your visa so you can have it processed successfully without any tension. Having helped 1000s of students grab their visas with great ease, we know what it takes to process your visa on time.

Pre-departure briefing

Our study abroad consultants in Kerala know the challenges students face as they move to a new country. Hence our pre-departure briefing is designed to familiarize you with the culture and lifestyle of the country you’ve decided to move to.


Pre-departure briefing

There are distinctive qualities that separate Edwings from other study abroad consultants in Kochi. Transparency, reliability and commitment are the three guiding factors behind everything we do as study abroad consultants. We always make concerted efforts to keep our operation transparent. From offering complete guidance to making consultation affordable and offering personalized assistance, we’re always there for students. It’s all about building trust and offering reliable solutions for the exact needs of students.


Pre-departure briefing

Edwings’ Study Abroad consultants in Kerala understand the pulse of students, because over the years we have assisted 1000s of students pursue and live their passion in countries of their choice. Edwings has earned its reputation through years of flawless experience in helping students pursue their dream career abroad. Right from the admission process to post arrival assistance, we have dedicated consultation teams all over the world to assist you in every respect. With expanding branches and dedicated service providers, we have expertise in all key industry verticals to assist students. Get in touch with our study abroad experts now.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your choice of country to study abroad is determined by a variety of factors including, job scope, finance considerations and course options.

There are different types of student intakes that vary from country to country. From summer intake to winter intake and fall intake, you will have enough chances to enroll for different intakes based on your convenience.

Your eligibility criteria to pursue education abroad will be determined by the type of course and college you select. Different universities have different rules and qualification criteria to admit students.

Once you have secured admission in a world-class university, you will be in a better position academically and professionally to seek jobs in desired organizations

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