8 Most Affordable Cities In UK For Indian Students

8 Most Affordable Cities In UK For Indian Students

The UK is home to some of the world’s most prestigious universities that attract Indian students from everywhere. So what exactly makes UK education appealing for Indian students? Is it the cost of education? Is it post study job opportunities for students? Well, it’s a good combination of various factors. However, for some students, studying in the UK is a bit too expensive. Besides paying for university education, students will have to find funds for accommodation, transportation and food. Oftentimes, this can deter students from applying in the UK universities. Plus, the expensive nature of city life can make UK education almost inaccessible to students. If students are looking to study in the UK on a shoestring budget, they need to know about relatively cheap cities. Our UK Education consultants in Kochi have compiled this list of 8 most affordable cities in the UK for Indian students.    

Now you may be thinking, London is the most desirable place to pursue higher education. Well, London is not the only city that hosts reputable universities in the country. In this article we will show you the cities where you can have high-quality education and a great city life. Yes, the best of both worlds, just make sure to keep reading. 

1. Study in the Prestigious Universities of Cardiff

Let’s get started with the capital city of Wales. Cardiff is regarded as one of the most affordable places where Indian students can pursue their higher Education. The Welsh capital is not short of prestigious universities. Cardiff city is most notable for University of Cardiff which is renowned for offering world-class education for global students. In addition to offering super cheap education for students, the city also provides tons of part-time job opportunities. Studying in the UK is always going to be an expensive prospect for students, but working part-time jobs can help them bear the expenses. Most notably, the rent range in Cardiff city is relatively lower than other main cities in the UK. The cost of transportation is also low, meaning that students don’t necessarily have to settle for places close to the universities. Life in Cardiff is designed to help students take care of their needs on their own.

2. Promising career prospects in Cambridge

If you have ever considered studying in the UK, you have certainly at some point heard about Cambridge university. The university is currently ranked 6th by Times Higher Education and is a globally renowned education center. However, not many students know the city as one of the most affordable places for students in the UK. Currently, based on Natwest student living index, Cambridge falls second in the list of most affordable cities. The city also boasts great career opportunities for students after studying in prestigious universities. Cambridge is a vibrant city that radiates with social and cultural activities students can take part in. The city is also just 50 minutes away from London. Cambridge hosts major tourist attractions and offers quick access to key landmarks in and around the region.

3. Embracing the deep culture of Glasgow

Glasgow is the biggest city Scotland can offer for international students.  The place is famous for its deep culture and energy. It’s a place full of activities and teems with life for students. The culturally significant place in the UK is also home to prestigious university of Glasgow and University of Strathclyde. For students Glasgow offers the perfect blend of rich tradition and history. Students have the unique chance of visiting the unique museums in Scotland while also exploring iconic places like Scottish ballet and Scottish Opera. Besides the amazing tourist attractions and lively activities, Glasgow is particularly regarded as one of the cheapest cities for international students living in the UK. The city featured 3rd on NatWest Student Living Index published in 2021. Of all things, Scotlant provides a variety of budget-driven accommodation options and economical public transport. This is helpful to students operating on tight budgets.

4. Enjoy The Low Cost of Living in Birmingham

As far as Indian students are considered, Birmingham offers world-class education and post-study work opportunities at significantly lower rates. Most notably Edgbaston and Mosley regions offer the cheapest places in Birmingham for Indian students. According to reports, life in Birmingham for Indian students is 63% lower than other cities in London. As a prominent business hub in the UK, Birmingham has contributed immensely to the Industrial revolution. Today, Birmingham has been ranked 51st best city for international students. Not surprisingly Indian students find the city super affordable. The city is also home to prestigious universities such as University of Birmingham and Aston University. If you are planning to study in the UK and have budget constraints, you can never go wrong with the city of Birmingham    

5. Newcastle, the most affordable in Northern England 

Newcastle is located in the River Tyne area of northern England. As the major hub for shipbuilding and manufacture, Newcastle has played a central role in the industrial revolution. Unsurprisingly, today the city is a main center of commerce, science and arts. The city is also ranked 56th in the world for international students, owing mostly to the affordable university life. Most notable for Newcastle University and Durham University both of which have made it to the list of top ranked 300 universities in the world. The place is particularly famous for its vibrant student life and relatively cheap city life expenses. The city is marked by a friendly atmosphere conducive for student life. The tuition fees are relatively cheap with cost of living estimated to be around 39% lower than that of London. Without a doubt, Indian students find Northern England considerably more affordable than Southern England. It’s also worth noting that Newcastle Upon Tyne offers affordable public transport.

6. Embrace the big city life of Manchester 

Indian students love studying and working in Manchester, a cosmopolitan city that’s ranked 10th most affordable city in the country. Low cost of living is not the only factor that makes Manchester a favorite among the students. Most notably, prestigious universities including University of Manchester offer low tuition fees compared to other universities. As one of the biggest cities in the whole of the UK, Manchester is equipped with facilities and conveniences for all needs including public transportation and accommodation. More importantly, students can find services at reasonable rates. Besides being affordable for students, Manchester is home to globally famous Football club stadium, Old Trafford and various museums. The second largest city in the UK is featured 51st for its affordability.

7. The Lively student life in Nottingham

Famous for housing the prestigious University of Nottingham and Nottingham Trent University, Nottingham is a much sought-after place among Indian students looking to study in the UK. From iconic universities to cultural and historic landmarks, Nottingham offers a lively atmosphere for students to thrive. The city allows students to access tuition at lower rates while making the public institutions and transport affordable. Not surprisingly, Nottingham is ranked 8th in the list of cheap cities in the UK for international students. You may have already heard about Robin Hood’s connection with Nottingham city. The historic place offers a lot to explore for students who will be surely given insights into Old England’s past. The city is rated highly for its historicity and affordability. Nottingham University has also been ranked by Telegraph as the 2nd most affordable institution to pursue higher education.

8. Avail of low rental cost in Edinburgh

Renowned as the shooting location of the Harry Potter film franchise, Edinburgh marked by mountainous regions. Clearly, the place is full of greenery and idyllic landscapes rich with historic architecture. Edinburgh has been voted the 16th best city for international students to study and live in. The capital city of Scotland has also been ranked 66th on the list of most affordable cities in the world. From the University of Edinburgh to Heriot-Watt University and Edinburgh Napier University, Edinburgh is home to a host of reputable universities that international students prefer to study. The capital city of Scotland boasts internally renowned universities that consistently feature in the list of best ranked universities. The growing number of international students applying to study in the universities in Edinburgh is a testimony to the appeal of Edinburgh. Rent costs in the Edinburgh area are 51 cent lower compared to London. 

As an Indian student making plans to study in the UK, you cannot stress enough the importance of knowing which place to choose. The prospect of studying in the UK is arguably one of the most important decisions you will take. It’s a decision that could change the course of your life and it doesn’t have to be so hard. If you have ever had any doubts about the cost of studying in major UK cities, you can get in touch with our study in UK consultants. While London is a super expensive city for education, as listed above you can find many student-friendly affordable cities. At Edwings, our UK education consultants in Kochi help students choose the right city based on their academic aptitude and personal needs.