9 Things Every Indian Student Moving to UK Must Know

9 Things Every Indian Student Moving to UK Must Know

Every year 1000s of international students make their trip to the UK to pursue higher education and reinvent themselves. These figures are consistently on the rise year after year. At Edwings, we help students prepare for all types of challenges that await them along their study abroad journey. Are you looking to study and settle in the UK?. From accommodation to safety concerns and job search, there are lots of factors you need to take into before making your study abroad journey. Our experienced study in UK consultants at Edwings have compiled these 9 things every Indian student must know about. Make sure to go through them all to have a proper study abroad experience.

1. Understand the accommodation options

As someone moving to a new country, you must have some idea about where you plan on living. The more you know, the more equipped you will be to make a decision about accommodation. Google up the websites that offer housing services in the UK. Narrow down your accommodation options based on things like rent rate and location etc. Make sure to check out active forums where students have enquired about the details. You might want to consider dormitories that are available at pocket-friendly rates. Generally speaking, dormitories come cheaper than renting out a flat. It’s worth noting that the rate of housing is subject to fluctuation in urban regions as compared to suburbs. Of course, students have to decide between flats and dormitories. At Edwings, we give personalized accommodation assistance for students.

2. International Student Safety in UK

The UK is arguably the most favorite study abroad destination for international students. But is the UK a safe place for students to study and settle in? Well, yes, according to the Global Peace Index 2019, the UK was regarded as a safe country to live in for everyone. However, as an international student you must remain wary of. Here’s the golden rule when you reach the UK: Make sure to get hold of all the emergency numbers. For instance you should have ambulance, police and fire department contact details at the ready. Here are few things to keep in mind:

Health insurance: You must find out if you’re eligible for health insurance. Check with the National Health Service.  

Keep an eye out for pick-pocketing – Always watch for the shady, crowded city areas where you’re prone to pick-pocketing. Make sure to remain fully alert in crowded areas.   
Stay away from empty treats – It’s advised that you steer clear of empty streets. Make sure to use public transport to avoid any mishaps.

3. Working in UK as an International student 

Renowned as the most favorite study abroad destination, the UK is also known for its high standard of living. Hence, most international students find part-time jobs as they pursue education in the UK. Your maximum work hours in the UK is determined by visa rules and specific policy of the university you’re applying for. This work hours permit is specifically for students outside EU territory. International students need to produce Tier 4 (General Visa) Visa. Students can view the details of working hours in their Tier 4 Visa. Of course, students may not be permitted to take up certain jobs during their study, including full-time jobs, entertainers and freelance jobs.

4. Accessing Public Transport in UK

Most people in the UK use public transport to their advantage. The UK’s public transport is known for its high safety and efficiency level. Students can make use of various transport systems including the railroad system, buses and taxis. For instance the railway system offers the most effective way to explore the city using either the underground or overground stations. In its railway station, the UK boasts the oldest transportation system in the world. Students also view buses and coaches as a highly economical means of traveling in and around London. Plus, you get the best view. If you are taking around baggage from one place to another, taxis offer a great option. You must make sure that you’re taking a licensed cab.

5. Using the healthcare system for International students

The UK boasts the most reliable health system in the world and is known for its stability. The National Health Service (NHS) offers health insurance to students, thus giving them access to treatment at major institutions. The health insurance policy students receive may vary based on their study course. If you have a permit to stay in the UK for over 6 months, you are qualified for the National Health Service. However, if you’re a student pursuing a study course that is less than 6 months, you are required to get private health insurance from your country of origin. It’s recommended that you have basic information about public medical services available through the NHS. Students should register for General practitioner services immediately after they reach the UK. Make sure you choose a practice based on location, efficiency and convenience. Once you’re registered with a GP, you can approach them for any health concerns.

6. Understanding the culture of English university

Life in UK university is a blend of academic and sports societies governed by the student union. Such a society gives students the right environment where they can openly discuss their interests and beliefs with others. On the other hand, there are professors who would rather teach students in small groups to foster personal bonding. The UK universities encourage individualism and students are expected to thrive in a self-learning environment. Students may also be required to devote time to reading and lab sessions. Culture of UK universities offers a unique experience for international students, exposing them to diverse cultural experiences. This will also broaden and shape their perception of education.

7. Getting a hang of UK’s Etiquette

If you’re going to move to the UK, you should get familiar with the cultural and social conventions in the country. Of course, you can take things gradually, and learn things bit by bit as you settle down. Punctuality is arguably the most British thing you should learn. Generally speaking, it’s considered super rude to arrive late. If you’re going to be late, you should inform people beforehand. British people regard the elderly with great respect. So if you come across elder people on your public transport, it’s a great gesture to give up your seat for them. Also, if you see a disabled person, ask them if they need any help. The British people place huge emphasis on protecting their privacy. You don’t want to give people something that gives off a prying impression. If you get invited to a place by someone, make sure to bring some gift for them.  

8. Preparing for the city life in UK 

The lifestyle in the UK is marked by fun and adventures. Much to the relief of workers, 35-38 hours is the average weekly working hours. These working hour figures are the lowest reported anywhere in the world. However, despite the low working hours, the UK notably reports a high productivity rate. This is due to the professionalism and dedication of the people of the UK. All the hard work aside, the British people have a great time during their weekend off. The city nightlife is known for its energy and vibrancy. International students can certainly find their favorite comfort food in every part of the city. Indian students will get to choose from a variety of options.  

9. Must-visit places for Indian students in the UK 

International students will have an endless list of destinations they can explore in the UK. There’s always a good chunk of history to be found in every corner of this big country. But there are some places that are worth visiting immediately.  

London: This is a place that never goes to sleep. From going on a double-decker tour of the city to visiting the filming location of the Harry Potter movie franchise, you just won’t be able to get enough of London.  

Canterbury: Do not miss out on a chance to visit Canterbury Cathedral, in the region. The place is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site and visited by millions of people from all around the world. 

Liverpool: Renowned as the birthplace of the Beatles, the world’s biggest music band, Liverpool is the perfect combination of old and modern history. You can also visit Anfield, the official stadium of Liverpool football club. 

Stratford-upon-Avon: Who would pass up an opportunity to visit the birthplace of Shakespeare? Millions of people around the world flock to this place to visit the gravestone of the Bard of Avon. 

Hopefully, this article has given you an understanding of some important things every Indian student must know as they move to the UK. Also, we hope that you had as much fun reading it as we had creating it for you. If you have any doubts about studying abroad, our UK Education Consultants in UK would love to help you with it. Feel free to get in touch with our experts for professional guidance to study in the UK.