Proven IELTS Exam Tips Indian Students Should Know

If you are a student looking to study in the UK or any other country for that matter you will know what the IELTS exam means. The examination is conducted by language experts to measure your English language proficiency in specific areas including reading, listening, speaking and writing. When it comes to the big day, it’s quite natural for students to get cold feet and underperform in tests. Our certified trainers can help you overcome your worst fears by providing the best IELTS Coaching in Kochi in a flexible manner based on students’ convenience. When you hear about the IELTS test, many hours of sitting at the desk learning and reading up. It does not have to be such a drag for students who want to pursue their careers abroad. Our study abroad consultants in Kerala have compiled together the most critical and proven IELTS Exam tips to help you achieve your desired brand score. Keep reading to learn our proven IELTS tips.

Understanding your IELTS score

IELTS examination can be classified into 4 parts

Listening examination consisting of 40 questions
Reading examination consisting of 40 questions
Writing examination consisting of 2 questions
Speaking examination consisting of 3 sections
During the IELTS exam, students are assessed based on 1 to 9 score for 4 different sections. The average marks you achieve in these separate tests will make up your total band score. A score of 9 will give you expert level, whereas 3 is rated extremely limited.

Know Your Test Format Well Enough

So how well do you know the test format of the standard IELTS examination? Understanding the format of the IELTS test is key to performing well during the test. It’s essential that you spend time familiarizing yourself with quirks and specifics of the test so you’re always up for the task.

In the standard IELTS test, a student will have to tackle questions of the following nature.

Listening can be broken down to 4 different sections comprising 40 questions. (30 mins)

Reading section carries 40 questions and will have 3 excerpts from various sources including newspaper articles, magazines and books. (60 mins)

Writing part of the test requires students to write a letter and an essay. (60 mins)

Speaking session will have a one-on-one interview with an official person. (11-14 mins)

Make sure to take IELTS Mock Tests

Have you ever been to an IELTS test and got completely caught off guard with all the questions asked? This happens way too often with students who are new in the field. The best way to prepare for your IELTS exam is by taking mock tests. Luckily, there are many online platforms where you test the waters and get a good taste of the exam. Here are a few places where you can attend mock tests right away:

  • The British Council

When you take online tests, you will have various benefits including: Feeling relaxed and laid-back during the exam Having a better time management system in place You will feel better prepared to answer questions You will get instant results and performance feedback You can take specific actions to improve performance

  • Feeling relaxed and laid-back during the exam
  • Having a better time management system in place
  • You will feel better prepared to answer questions
  • You will get instant results and performance feedback
  • You can take specific actions to improve performance

Be prepared to skip tricky questions

You can learn a thing or two from high band scorers of IELTS exams about the importance of skipping tricky questions. It’s advisable that you don’t spend too much time dwelling on difficult questions. Instead focus on answering questions you can immediately answer with ease. This is a more tactical approach to answering questions more effectively. Of course, you can always return to tackling the tougher questions when you’re done answering the easiest ones. Always stay patient and play smart during the test. It’s important to attend all questions even if you don’t know how to answer them properly. Remember, you have got nothing to lose, so give all the questions a go. Also, you won’t get a point deduction for getting the answers wrong. Make sure to give all the questions a go.

Proofing your IELTS content before submission

So you think you have done a decent job performing in the exam, but you can never be careful enough. Once you’re done answering the question, spend some time proofing the grammar and sentence structure of the content you’re submitting. It’s absolutely essential to gather your composure while reading the content so you can spot any errors. When you have done your research or taken proper IELTS mock tests online, you will be in a better position to evaluate the content.

Tap into Online IELTS Platforms

There are many free IELTS forums online where you can level up your IELTS game by engaging in a diverse range of discussions about the English language. In these forums you will get a chance to interact with students who have cleared IELTS tests with high brand scores. You can clear IELTS doubts directly by chatting with experts. You will find answers to all IELTS related doubts on the forums.

What are the benefits of learning online?

Online learning is a widely popular IELTS learning approach adopted by students everywhere. Following are the main benefits of attending IELTS online:
You will get a chance to choose when to attend classes
You will have expert guidance throughout the preparation process
More economical and less time consuming for students
Online classes will make students more tech-savvy in alignment with digital development
You will get personalized classes to address your weak points

Improve your English listening skills

How good is your English listening skills? It’s essential to work on English listening and comprehension abilities as you prepare yourself for the big test. Start off by familiarizing yourself with the common expressions and idiosyncrasies of the English language. You can try everything from English movies, series to news channels and YouTube programs. Learning dialogues from movies and understanding situations contextually can be a huge learning curve. If you are getting trained for your IELTS test, it is essential that you get into the habit of finding yourself in English-laden situations. What’s important is that you develop a system where you are always prepared with good responses.

Always be prepared for all scenarios

The last thing you need while preparing for the IELTS section is to come underprepared. For instance, if you are going to appear for the listening section, make sure the headphone devices are in perfect working condition. It’s recommended that you clean your headphones and set up the audio settings properly. If things don’t work, try restarting your system. Similarly, you must train yourself to practice speed-reading. This will help you to scan longer content swiftly instead of reading through each word. Ability to speed read can give students the much-needed edge during an IELTS test. It essentially allows students to process content faster, thus buying them a lot more time to answer the questions.

Keep your focus at all times

It’s easy to get distracted during the IELTS exam, especially due to distracting circumstances. Following are some of the most common distractions:
Clock ticking in the interview room can be extremely distracting.

You may feel thirsty during the interview.

You may want to go to the toilet

You must avoid these situations by drinking enough water and taking necessary steps before attending exams. At the same time, don’t forget to put your phone on silent mode. Likewise, you must learn to manage your time more seamlessly. Make a decision about the amount of time you can assign for the first and second. For instance, the task is comparatively shorter than the second task, so allocate your time effectively. Reason your way through the chain of thoughts and try to write clearly and answer with clarity.

Pay close attention to your examiner

As you go through the IELTS test, always keep a close tab on what your examiner is doing or saying. Whether they are dictating or asking a question, you should watch their lip movement closely for any cues. You must do everything in your capacity to eliminate any risks of miscommunication. A good combination of examiner’s lip movements and instructions will leave no place for misinterpretation. If you ever have any trouble understanding the question during the exam, you should ask the examiner for clarification. Of course, you should not repeat the same question to the annoyance of the examiner. Since it is a one-on-one interview that can be a nerve-wracking experience for students, it’s important to remain calm under pressure. If you get all stressed out during the exam, it can affect your performance negatively. Make sure to work on your confidence level.

Tips for coping with unwanted stress

Greet the examiner with a good smile as it could create a positive environment for effective exchange of messages. You must make sure to maintain a steady tone of voice while summing up sentences with clarity instead of simply asking questions. Keep your composure and speak slowly so the examiner will take you seriously. Spend time improving your speech quality. By all means make sure each word you say is grasped by the examiner with ease. You are better off doing away with quirky usages like umm, you know and like. Avoid them at all cost as they could undermine your credibility and quality of what you are trying to say.

If you are preparing for the IELTS exam for the first time, things can get a bit unsettling. And it is perfectly fine to be nervous. If you are looking for IELTS Coaching Center Kochi, you need to find certified trainers with a flawless track record of helping 100s of students achieve high band scores. Trust us, with the right type of preparation anyone can clear their IELTS test. At Edwings it’s all about addressing the personal needs of students so they can deliver tailored solutions for their exact needs. From helping you tackle the basic grammar to teaching you the nuances of English language and securing admission at reputable universities, our UK Study Abroad Consultants have got you covered. Edwings offers your comprehensive range of solutions for study abroad needs. Our certified trainers will help you pass the IELTS test with flying colors. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our Study in UK consultants to enquire about IELTS batches you can join.