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Why is Edwings the best
Study in UK consultants?

Today the UK is home to the world’s most prestigious universities. Hence, the UK is also the most sought-after destination for students to pursue their dream career. Over the years, our Study in UK Consultants have assisted 1000s of students study in the United Kingdom. We are able to do this consistently because of our tie up with a long list of leading universities. Besides, when you study in the UK, you have a unique chance of collaborating with students from different nationalities in a multicultural environment. Today, the UK government places great emphasis on ensuring high education standards in universities across the region. The relatively short course duration and low cost of tuition are among the reasons students select the UK as their favorite destination. Our study in UK consultants understands what students need to do to secure their admission in the UK universities of their choice.

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Why Do You Need
UK Education Consultants?

The UK has served as an international education hub for over 100 years. Unsurprisingly, the prospect of learning from distinguished professors at world-class universities makes the United Kingdom the ideal choice for students everywhere. Our UK education consultants have helped 1000s of students secure their admissions in dream universities. Plus, studying abroad in the UK is more appealing than ever. Simplified visa rules of international students, standard of living and diverse range of programs are perfect for students. Similarly, receiving high-quality education will always prepare you for new heights and establish your foothold in the international job market.

Our UK education consultants will guide you through the whole range of processes from university admission to course selection and successful visa processing. Besides, we’re always ready to give students the much-needed advice and guidance necessary to take up bigger study abroad challenges in the UK. We understand the unique challenges every student faces as they traverse the uncharted territories of overseas education.

Why Choose UK study abroad consultants?

Whether you need guidance on traveling, accommodation or part-time job search, our UK study abroad consultants will assist you at all stages. Edwings wants to streamline students’ study abroad experience by offering personalized assistance. This individual-specific approach makes sure that students feel supported throughout their overseas education in UK. Students who complete their graduation and PG from reputed universities tend to attract attention from global corporations. Therefore, our consultants pay undivided attention to the aspirations of students and help them take the most crucial next step in their study abroad journey. Our UK Education Consultants leave no stones unturned in helping students secure their university admission. We have flawless track record of making sure that students get into the university they deserve.


Expert education consultation

UK Education Consultants boast years of experience in helping students study and work in the United Kingdom with the peace of mind they deserve. It’s all about understanding individual needs and spending time with each student to train and prepare them for the academic and everyday challenges ahead.


Extensive range of Universities

UK is renowned for hosting a long list of prestigious universities. Our UK study abroad consultants will help you select the perfect university to build your career. You can always trust our study in UK consultants to go that extra mile to streamline your UK overseas Education.

Affordable programs

The universities in the UK provide relatively short courses that span 3 years for graduation and 1 year for Master’s programs. This timeline is in contrast to other countries and makes programs more affordable for students.

Multicultural exposure

Students have the chance to study and work in a muti-cultural space where they can shape their career in a sophisticated manner. Students have the opportunity to study and collaborate with international students from various cultural backdrops, thus giving them the much-needed cosmopolitan edge.

Work after the course

The UK allows students to stay back and study for 2 years after the completion of their course. UK study abroad consultants offer the right guidance to make sure you avail of the post-study work.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, if you have a Tier 4 visa, you are eligible to work while Studying in the UK. The Visa will let you work for 20 hours each week during the program time and full hours between semester breaks.

Yes, when you compare the cost of education in India, you may find study in the United Kingdom more expensive. Our UK study abroad consultants make overseas education accessible to everyone, thanks to easy education loans and university scholarships.

Yes, it is possible to study in the United Kingdom without IELTS. There are many universities in the UK where the 12th grade English mark is used as criteria to judge students’ proficiency in language.

The UK allows students to visit their home place during the vacation. Get in touch with our study abroad consultants to learn about how to plan your home visit during study abroad in the UK.

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